Great Job by E Cervantes - 07/23/2014

I am very grateful to Mr. Armstrong for all the work he and his staff did for me. Mr. Armstrong is very knowledgeable and professional,could not done it without him. I highly would recommend Mr. Armstrong to friends and family. Once again Thank your Mr. Armstrong for all you did for me.

Highly Recommend by TracyK - 05/07/2014

I am so thankfully for everything Mr. Armstrong and his staff have done for me. Mr. Armstrong was so patient and personable during this long, stressful process. He was able to explain everything to me in a way that i was able to understand. I couldn't have done it with out you Mr. Armstrong!! Thanks again

Thank You by Robb J - 02/27/2014

Thanks to Mr. Armstrong and his staff for their help in getting my SS disability. I think he went out of the way in an effort to expedite my claim. He definitely does his best! Thanks again.

Thank You Mr. Armstrong by RPearson - 12/03/2013

Mr. Armstrong and his staff did a great job on my disability case. I couldn't have done it without them. He was very thorough and knowledgeable when addressing all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for assistance in getting their disability benefits. I am so appreciative for everything he has done for me.

Good Job Michael by J Rogoff - 12/02/2013

Without Michael's help I would not have obtained my social security benefits. After the judge denied the claim, Michael appealed and eventually was able to get my claim approved. Michael was there by my side the whole way. He is very knowledgeable and has incredible and helpful staff. We never gave up.

I recommend him to anyone that wants help obtaining their social security benefits.

Todo estuvo muy bien by Sra. Olivas - 08/05/2013

El Sr. Armstrong estuvo muy atento y me ganaron mi caso. Estoy muy agradecida por todo lo que hicieron por me. Las senoritas que trabajan en esa oficina eran agradables y me contestaban las preguntas que se me occurian. Se los recomiendo a mis amigos y familia y cual quiera que necesite ayuda con sus beneficios del seguro.

If you need help Mr Armstrong is the one for you by Megann Zeigler - 05/24/2013

I had tried twice to get coverage for my disability and was turned down each time due to my age and education. I don't think they even looked at how sever my back degeneration had become or that I walked with Canadian canes. Social Security just rubber stamped me as being able to get a job (No Problem). I finally was referred to Mr. Armstrong who was a GOD sent. After a year of having my medical records sent to him we met in front of a judge and within 20 minutes I was granted my full disability. He is amazing and I have recommended many people to him as well as have a recommendation on my facebook page.

If you are looking for someone who really cares about his clients and will work to get you what you really deserve you need to call Michael Armstrong as fast as you can. He is truly there for us who need help getting what we deserve.

Excellent Job by Dudley - 04/24/2013

Mr. Armstrong and his staff did an excellent job on my disability case. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I am so appreciative for everything he did for me.

Professional Services by JRJNM - 04/01/2013

Navigating the maze of Social Security Disability is very confusing. Mr. Armstrong and his staff of professionals have the experience and knowledge necessary for securing benefits. His gentle manner and kindness were appreciated during a difficult time.

Review Michael Armstrong by Patricia - 03/20/2013

Mr. Armstrong and his entire staff were very helpful in securing my Social Security benefits. Whether on the telephone or in person, everyone involved with my case was polite, professional and supportive. Applying for, and ultimately winning my case was a long process. The staff and Mr. Armstrong were always polite and answered all my questions.
At the administrative hearing it was clear that he was very well versed in the law. He was well prepared and told me exactly what to expect.
I highly recommend Mr. Armstrong.

Better than anticipated.... by vrios622 - 03/19/2013

The Albuquerque office of SSA referred me to Mr. Armstrong upon my notifying them that I had moved back to the area from Texas where I had initially filed for my Social Security Disability benefits. Having gone through the initial application and appeal/review process, along with required medical assessments by Texas physicians appointed by my original local SSA office, I was awaiting the scheduling for my hearing before a judge. Mr. Armstrong assured me that he would review all of the documentation from my Texas medical providers as well as everything that SSA had on file in addition to the documentation I provided him, and contact me with any questions. I didn't hear from him again for 5 months when my hearing date was set. He asked me to come into his office where we reviewed all of the documentation that SSA received from my required medical assessments. It was at this point that we noticed that these reviews were not documented by the same individuals that performed the assessments and a number of obvious discrepancies in relation to my condition. Mr. Armstrong went directly to work with making the proper notifications. As a result, 3 days before my hearing date I was contacted by SSA and told that upon review of my file and attorney notes, the judge ruled in my favor AND therefore, it would not be necessary to appear before a judge. This favorable decision meant that I qualified for my disability benefits. Clearly Mr. Armstrong not only goes that extra mile to help his clients, he does whatever it takes to help where possible. In my case, I would have to say that Mr. Armstrong did a great deal of leg work, but I also believe that had I not taken adequate notes of what was happening with each encounter that I was required to face by SSA, and keeping copies of all medical records from my personal physicians, I would not have been able to provide Mr. Armstrong with "yes" or "no" answers to his questions with complete confidence and certainty. Having a positive result with regards to my case, to me, was a team effort between myself and my attorney, Mr. Armstrong. So my advise to anyone going through this exhausting experience is to make sure that you always have someone with you when you attend required visits or meetings that SSA sends you too and be certain to document your experience in addition to asking your personal medical providers for copies of your medical records and office visit notes after each appointment. THANK YOU MICHAEL ARMSTRONG FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND CARING NATURE... YOU ARE TRULY APPRECIATED.

Excellent service by Carolyn Barncastle - 03/10/2013

I was very impressed with Mr. Armstrong and his staff. They were very professional in every aspect. I highly recommend Mr. Armstrong for any law needs. He provides excellent service. He is a caring, kind,and compassionate person.

Professional & Personal Service by Debbie Z. - 02/20/2013

I was impressed from the start when I actually met with Mr. Armstrong instead of dealing with a large corporation where I felt like a number, not a person. He is professional yet makes you feel comfortable. His experience and attention to detail helped him find things that helped my case that were previously overlooked and he walked me through each step to help me feel at ease with what to expect. I really appreciate his help in getting a favorable decision and highly recommend him.

Review of Micheal D. Armstrong Attorney at law by Amy Bliss - 02/11/2013

I saw a commercial for Mr. Armstrong on t.v. one evening, knowing that I would be applying for Social Security Disablity. I figured it be best to have an experienced attorney on my side from the get go. Mr. Armstrong and his office staff were availible from the moment I walked into there office. I was told what to expect from social security, how long it may take. What would be expected of me in order to be accepted by social security adminstration. He also made sure that i was only interviewed by doctors he thought to help my situation. His office staff were my life line, without them I would have never had the reassurance that I needed to get threw the whole application and approval period. I would defenitly recommended Mr. Armstrong to family and friends who need help manuvering threw the wierd world of Social Security. Very professional and friendly!!

Outstanding service by Barbara G. - 01/30/2013

Michael Armstrong is highly intelligent and knowledgable about SS law. I had been turned down when I applied for SS on my own, as I did not file within a five year period of my becoming disabled. Michael was basically able to win my case prior to my hearing, which lasted 15 minutes at most. I truly appreciate his services and recommend him to anyone having difficulties navigating through this physically and emotionally difficult process.

A Positive outcome!!! by M.CARLTON - 12/09/2012

A terrible traumatic motorcycle accident left me half the man I used to be...After bein denied by SSI.... I soon met Mr. Michael Armstrong, I told him my disadvantages and also how much pain I was in. I asked for his professional help...and after a reasonable amount of time I no longer have to suffer... I myself and Family would like to THANK Mr. Armstrong & Staff SO VERY MUCH for ur support n Professional work...I couldn't have WON without your TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winning by VL GILLMORE - 11/13/2012

Finding Mr. Armstrong was the best thing i could have done. I had been applying for S.S.I. for many years and got know where, but having Mr.Armstrong as my lawyer ,he won my case the first time we went to court. I would recommend his services to anyone who needed a lawyer. His office staff are wonderful, very nice and helpful. Thank you so much

Super duper great work by Sandi - 11/13/2012

the girls there are so helpful and so kind and they answered questions and calmed me down so many times. I couln't get through that long process without the help of you and your employees. thank you so much

El Sr Armstrong me mejoro la vida con su ayuda by Ruben H - 11/02/2012

Le recomendó que le hablen si necesitan de sus servisios. Yo ya tenia mucho tiempo peliando por mis beneficios y el abogado me ayudo mucho. Trabajo su oficina con migo cuando no podía yo llenar los documentos que me mandaba el seguro.

Muchas Gracias! by Gabriel D. - 11/02/2012

Muchas Gracias! Trabajo duro el abogado Armstrong para que me dieran por fin mis beneficios del Seguro. Todos de su oficina estaban muy atentos y me ayudaban con cualquier pregunta que tenia. Me atendían muy bien cada ves que entraba y se los recomiendo si buscan ayuda con sus beneficios.

So grateful to have Mr. Armstrong by my side by connie - 11/01/2012

Mr Armstrong did a wonderful job handling my case from start to finish. I was awarded my SSDI beneits when we went to the hearing. He took the stress off of me, calmed my nerves and gave me confidence. Worth every penny.......

Very happy with Mr. Armstrong's work by J. Gallegos - 10/24/2012

I am very satisfied with the work that Mr. Armstrong and his staff did on my Social Security disability case. He understood my needs and worked hard at getting my case approved. I would highly recommend Michael D. Armstrong to my family and friends.

Thank you Mr. Armstrong by J. McCoy - 10/19/2012

Mr. Armstrong did a great job on my disability case. Everything went perfect and smooth. During my hearing I was not nervous because I knew he was by my side. I felt at ease through the entire process. He was always well prepared and I would recommend Mr. Armstrong to anyone that is filing for Social Security Disability.

Mr. Armstrong makes a difference in Social Security Disability by Theresa - 09/20/2012

Mr. Armstrong and his staff, especially Lucy, sure made a difference in helping me receive my social security disability. They helped with the stress, paperwork and legal process involved to receive the results that a person wants. I definitely recommend Mr. Armstrong to represent anyone in need of social security disability. Thank you very much Mr. Armstrong and staff.

Honest and effective by Jim - 08/11/2012

Mr Armstrong did for me what I'm sure I could not have done for myself. Having him handle my case from the beginning was a smart way to go. He and his staff are very professional and certainly know how to get things done. I have the highest of praise for his work. My life would be very different today if not for his professional help. Thank God there is indeed a safety net for the sick and I thank Mr. Armstrong for helping me get there before I hit the ground.

Thank You Mr. Armstrong! by CSC - 05/22/2012

I want to thank Mr. Michael Armstrong and his staff for helping me to receive a favorable decision with my Social Security Disability Claim. Mr. Armstrong helped me to prepare for and feel comfortable with the hearing process before the judge. I would highly recommend his law office to friends and family members that may need help in filing a disability claim.

Above Excellent Representation!!!! by J. Smith - 05/17/2012

Atty. Michael Armstrong and his office were very exceptional in the handling of my case. He is a great advocate for disabled persons and strives to assist each of his clients to receive a just and fair outcome to their Social Security disability claims. His tireless efforts and those of his staff are second to none and he represents each client to the best of his ability. I would HIGHLY recomend his services to any of my family or friends that required representation regarding Social Security claims!!!!

Should have called him first by DCampbell - 05/07/2012

After being denied twice I called Mr. Armstrong. He was very respectful & a true professional. He was thorough in explaining the process & never failed to answer any questions. On the day of my hearing I was having an especially bad day but he was supportive & compassionate enough for me to feel comfortable about proceeding. I was able to get my disability approved & wish I had called him sooner. Thank you Mr. Armstrong for being a gentleman & having a true kind spirit for those you help. God Bless You!!! Bee by Bee - 05/02/2012

All was fine but when requested a call back didnt always get my call returned. Happy overall!

review for attorney, Micheal Armstrong by Wayne Weismantel - 04/27/2012

Mr. Armstrong has handled my disability claim with the utmost professionalism. He took the time to go over my case with me and was very decisive and matter of fact at my hearing on 4/24/2012 I would recdomend Micheal to anyone looking for a COMPIDENT ATTORNEY!

Thanks Mike!!!! You're the best!


Wayne Weismantel

Service you can trust. On time and correct the first time by Jimmy - 04/27/2012

I was confused and worried about filing my disability claim and was referred to Mr. Armstrong. He very calmly and professionally explained what the process would be. More importantly, he made me aware that it would be a long process but that I must not give up. His periodic contact with me ensured that I was submitting supporting documents to him in a timely fashion. Mr. Armstrong's staff were very courteous and never made me reluctant to contact them. I recommend this firm and I feel confident they will always provide top-notch service.

AAA+ A Great Experience HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! by john123 - 03/30/2012

Mr. Armstrong was very professional and courteous. He got the job done after years of trying on my own with no success, Mr. Armstrong and his team were on top of everything. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family.

Thank you for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you and your team!

The Best Lawyer by E.Avila - 07/25/2011

I chose that Law firm on tv that says they are number one in N.M on S.S.I cases and got denied twice they didn't inform me on anything not even the denials...well I fired them and hired Michael Armstrong & Ass. and they were so professional ,knowledgeable and courteous right from the beginning til the end.Michael won me my benefits ... I recommend Michael Armstrong & Ass. to anyone and everyone he is the best!!!

Informed and respected. by T.Lovato, 06/22/2011

I had called a few other lawyers out of the phone book. All wanted to take my name and number and would have someone get back with me. I spoke with a staff member at Mr. Armstrongs office and within a few minutes of getting the information they needed, I had an appointment. I was very thankful for the respect and courtesy Mr. Armstrong and his staff showed. He is very knowledgeable and kept me well informed. I would recommend Mr. Armstrong and his staff to my friends and family. I tried to submit all the information that Social Security needed but both times I was denied. I took all the paperwork I had to Mr Armstrong and he knew exactly which ones would work better for me because of the information on it. That is why I think , I should have started with a professional. Mr. Armstrong is a very hardworking, professional lawyer and I Thank him for his hard work. :)

My Experience with Michael Armstrong by snowunicorn86, 02/11/2011

I was denied social security once before I saw Michael Armstrong. He was really courteous and very helpful. If it was not for Michael Armstrong I would never get my benefits.

Great Lawyer by Kevin Murphy, 11/04/2010

I'm glad that I chose Michael Armstrong, and his staff to represent me for my appeal for Social Security Disability. They where respectful,knowledgeable,and courteous. My wife used Michael to win her case,I used Michael to help me win my appeal. I would recommend Michael Armstrong to anyone who is looking for a lawyer who works in a professional mannor and really cares about you.

My experience with Michael Armstrong by John Parga, 10/14/2010

Michael Armstrong and his staff are very knowledgeable, respectful and courteous. Michael listened to me as I explained my problems with Social Security then outlined a plan to deal with the problems. Although my case took longer than expected Michael kept me informed and worked with me until the case was settled, never wavering in his decision to help me. Throughout the case when I needed to see specialists or file different types of papers Michael helped me through the process by keeping me informed of dates, etc.. and reminders to make sure I followed through on my part also. Michael and his staff were with me from beginning to end! I appreciate immensely the support given to me from Michael and his staff and would highly recommend Mr. Armstrong to anyone in need of his professional legal services.

Proud to call him my attorney by Gerald, 10/11/2010

I am a U S Navy veteran and would like to thank Mr. Armstrong and his Staff for treating Me like Family. Mr. Armstrong and his Staff are very Knowledgeable and Professional in all they do. Everytime I see Mr. Armstrongs commercial I let it known That is My Attorney. I will also be Thankful to My attorney Mr. Armstrong and would recommend him to all Vets at the VA hospital in New Mexico. Thank You Mr. Armstrong for all you have done for me. Bravo Zulu

Experienced and Knowledgable by Mary D, 10/10/2010

I am very pleased that I chose Michael Armstrong to represent me for my Appeal for Social Security Disability. I spoke to a few attorney's but Michael came across much more knowledgeable and positive about my chances to win my appeal, so I went with him. I followed his expert advice on the type of health/mental reports I needed and it worked. He won the case for me!!! I certainly recommend to any looking for a Disability Attorney to choose Michael Armstrong!!!! HE WINS CASES!!!!

Great!! by lilo, 09/30/2010

I dont know what I would have done without Michael Armstrong! He won my case and got me the benefits I have been waiting for for three years! I would recommend him to anyone. He really knows what he is doing and exactly what you need to win.

AWSOME LAWYER!!! by Daughter of Stephanie, 09/19/2010

I want to take this oportunity to say thank you very much to Michael Armstrong and to all his staff that helped my mother win her case. I am so appreciatave for everything they did for us. Michelle was awsome she treated us like we were family, thank you michelle for everything you helped us with. It was a long bumpy road but with michael armstrong and his team we made it! I recomend Michael Armstrong to anyone who is looking for a great lawer. Michael armstrong works in a very proffesional mannor and it seems to me that he really does care!

LMB@GMail.com by Linda B, 08/31/2010

Bravo! Wonderful! Mr. Armstrong and his entire staff did a great job in assisting me with my Social Security Disability claim. I'm glad I chose him from his tv commercial. He has a very calm demeanor and is soft spoken and not an in your face attorney like many others. He made me feel comfortable. After so many years of fighting for my disability I am glad I came to the Law Offices of Michael Armstrong. Thank you Mr. Armstrong for all your help. His staff made me feel like I knew them all my life and were very knowledgeable,helpful, friendly and resourceful. I would recommend him to everyone. I have his cards and am good for advertising and promoting him from here on. I would only do that for someone I have faith and will do the job.

Gborunda by N/A, 08/28/2010

Mr.Armstrong is an excellent disability laywer. He was personable and caring during our appeal process. Our first appointment was with Mr. Armstrong not a parlegal or staff member. He spent over an hour with us before we hired him as our lawyer. He took the time to prepare us for court, and made sure that we were comfortable prior to going court. Michael treated us with care and compassion throughout the entire process. He did not treat us like we were just a case file, he treated us like we were his most important case. He was always responsive and we never felt like he was out of touch with us. I would recommend his services to anyone who is having difficultly getting their Social Security approved. He has honesty and integrity something you do not often see in lawyers these days. Micheal was the right man for our appeal case with Social Security, and I believe him to be the disability attorney in the Albuquerque area. Thank you,Mr. Armstrong

mr armstrong help me when the social secuity denied me twice by african american, 08/24/2010

mr armstrong help me when i apply for my disabitly social security denied me twice. so i went to mr armstrong and within two months i had a hearing. and within in a couple of months i was approval. i never thougth that i would ever be approval untill i met mr armstrong. i strongly recommend is services if you are stuck and you dont know where else to go mr armstrong is the lawyer, that will get the ball rolling. i would like to say thank you. mary

Tim O'Rourke by Tim, 08/24/2010

I didn't have a clue about how to complete the paperwork & it was way over my head. Mr. Armstorng & his Office helped with everything. It was probably the only way I was able to complete the process successfully. I would surely recommend anyone to Mr. Armstong & let him assist you. I'm personally very grateful to Mr. Armstrong & his Office for helping me get my Social Security Disability.

Michael helped me after the Social Security Administration turned me down Two times. by Evelyn W, 08/18/2010

I applied for Social Security on mine own two times. Both times the Social Security Administration denied me. I went through all the hoops the Social Security Administration Administration put in front of me. After the second deniel and years of frustration I engaged the services of MR Armstrong. He was and is a very professional and personal individual. His office helped me fill out all the required paper work and was with me all the way. I was kept abrest of all proceedings and sucessfully got my Disibility Claim aproved. I would highly recomend anyone that is in need of a Social Security Attorny to retain his services.

Michael Armstrong supports the Veterans by Anne Marie, 08/13/2010

I am a US Army veteran and spent two frustrating years trying to fight for my SSD benefits alone. I expressed my concern at the bus stop one day to another vet who immediately recommended Mr. Armstrong. His office happened to be right off Central and easily accessible by ABQ Ride. His staff welcomed me and put my mind at ease. Mr. Armstrong was professional and direct and made me feel comfortable during my initial interview. When he told me he would represent me I knew that I had someone trustworthy and knowledgeable having my back. He kept meticulous records and always kept me in the loop. He prepared and coached me for my hearing never leaving out a detail all the way down to "take out your nose ring"! The judge made a fully favorable decision two weeks later. Since then I continue to bring fellow vets to his office for support. The entire staff are immensely appreciated. Thanks Mike!

I would recommend Mr. Armstrong and his staff. by Mary Holmes, 03/23/2010

Mr. Armstrong is an excellent attorney. He helped me get my Social Security Disability. I had tried to get through the Social Security system by myself and was getting rejected each time. Once I went to see Mr. Armstrong, I felt like someone was finally listening to me and reading my doctors reports. His calm, confident manor gave me the confidence in him to appeal my SS claim. His staff has been wonderful following up and explaining things when I would call with questions. I had broken my leg and was in the hospital when my hearing was scheduled. Mr. Armstrong went to the hearing, explaining to the judge my situation. A short time later I received my disability letter from Social Security.Thanks so much Mr. Armstrong for getting my disability and thanks to your staff.I highly recommended Mr. Armstrong

Michael Armstrong and his Staff by Robert McClure Rio Rancho, NM, 03/19/2010

I wanted to thank Mr. Armstrong and his staff for getting me a victory in my disability process. He and his staff were with me all the way through the decision and even went the extra mile to be supportive during this long process. Michael and his staff were very knowledgeable, communicated with my doctors, and got the evidence needed to win my case. If anyone needs a lawyer to win a Social Security Disability process, Michael Armstrong is the best.

Not in New Mexico by D Neria - Belen New Mexico, 03/01/2010

Obviously the anonymous reviewer "Wrong Choice' is not from New Mexico or has ever dealt with Michael Armstrong in their case for Social Security benefits because they would know that Mr. Armstrong has a very competent staff to do his phone and paperwork and they do a very good job,. Any idiot would know that a GOOD lawyer does not answer this own telephones and talk to you all day. Also he does not charge for copies he charges for medical records and which are not inflated charges. I would highly recommend Michale Armstrong to anyone in need of a good social security attorney anywhere in New Mexico.

The ONLY Choice for New Mexico by L. Adams, 03/01/2010

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience with the Law Offices of Michael D. Armstrong. First of all, his staff of highly competent paralegals and legal assistants are more than equipped to answer your questions and work your case. No I did not always get to speak with Mr. Armstrong when I called his office, but his staff explained that Mr. Armstrong did not take inquiry calls because he was busy FIGHTING and SOLDIERING for his clients. In my experience all I ever got was professional, and very knowledgeable service. The girls there are very resourceful and helped me with other issues unrelated to my social security claim. In the end, Michael won my case and NO HE DOES NOT charge for copying. What he charged was for medical records fees that institutions and doctors charge and of which Michael prepays. When asked I was provided with the invoices of records he paid for and later charged me for. I have nothing but good experience and would highly recommend Mic